New Morse Code  |  Simplicity Itself

Debut album on New Focus Recordings


New Morse Code's debut album Simplicity Itself is now out on New Focus Recordings.  Featuring music by Robert Honstein, Tonia Ko, Caroline Shaw, and Paul Kerekes with special guests Katie Hyun and Timo Andres.

an ebullient passage through pieces that each showcase the duo’s clarity of artistic vision and their near-perfect synchronicity" -

a flag of genuineness raised"  - Q2 Music


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WQXR New Sounds

1 Track Podcast


Robert Honstein:  Patter.  Featuring Katie Hyun.  Video by Four/Ten Media.  


Caroline Shaw:  Boris Kerner.  Video by Four/Ten Media


Tonia Ko:  Hush.  Video by Four/Ten Media